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Candidate for Kitchener City Councillor, Ward 2

About Fitz Vanderpool

I moved to Canada with my mother, father and brothers in search of a better way of life for our family. Living in a city and country where you are a visible minority was difficult at first but we soon adapted to the lifestyle.  I started boxing at 9 years old. When my older brother was being picked on in school, my father took all 5 of us Vanderpool boys to the Region of Waterloo Police Boxing Club, and with proper training and practice I became very good at boxing and started competing. I went on to compete as a professional boxer and, brought a professional Championship belt back to Kitchener Waterloo. You see, with hard work and dedication can accomplish whatever it is you put your mind to.
I vow to have this kind of dedication when working hard for you.

Why Support Fitz Vanderpool for Councillor

I am passionate about mentoring and tutoring youth and adults in the community. For more than 20 years I have worked with underprivileged and at-risk youth. I empower youth by providing support and mentorship while teaching boxing and fitness at schools throughout the Region, giving youth a space to build personal skills and set and achieve goals, all while fostering relationships with other youth.

Fitz' Involvement in the Community

As a resident of Kitchener Waterloo for over 40 years I am very in touch with the people and the community. I am a hands-on type of individual.
I have worked with and helped many charities over the years,
Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis, Kidney Fashion Show, Parkinson Superwalk, Juvenile Diabetes, Kidney Walk, Run a Lung, Nutrition for Learning, Men can Read

  • Board Member - New Dawn, working with at risk youth.
  • Board Member - The Dream Centre which works with and helps keep homeless and underprivileged families fed, clothed and off the streets.
  • CEO WHIPYIT (With Hope It’s Possible Youth in Transition) working with at risk youth
  • Summer Camp with a World Champ (at risk youth)
  • Boxing and Fitness with schools in Waterloo Region

What does Fitz advocate for?

I believe in a transparent and accountable Kitchener City Council. As a resident of Kitchener Ward 2 for more than 40 years, and a small business owner for 15 years, I understand the need for a councillor who is available to their constituents.  I pledge to listen to you and respond when you contact me.
Having worked with the youth for more than 20 years, I understand the need to keep our youth involved and active. I understand that in order to produce strong, productive citizens, we need to provide affordable programs to keep our youth engaged.  We need to develop services for healthy living and a strong community lifestyle.
We need to look at affordable housing in Waterloo region and create incentives for builders to create affordable housing.

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