Summer Camp with a World Champ! — 2017


Owner, Operator, Trainer

Boxing Fitness Camp

Summer Camp with a World Champ is hosted by Fitz The Whip Vanderpool. These 5-day structured camps consist of training mixed with fun and a sprinkling of self-confidence for your future champion.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, training with Fitz The Whip Vanderpool offers a unique experience of fitness training.

Research has proven that boxing is safer than the majority of sports. Participants are taught how to defend themselves while improving hand-eye coordination and gaining self confidence to continue their days knowing that they can do it and 'With Hope It's Possible'.

Everyone knows that anything worth having takes work, and that after the hard part of the work, things get a lot more fun. Gaining the stamina to play harder and longer makes for a much more enjoyable life.

Mission Statement

The Whip Boxing provides a nurturing environment that teaches proper boxing technique, stresses positive thinking and promotes healthy living.

Daily Activities Include:


Footwork, Proper Stance, Proper punching technique, forms and skills, Defensive and Conditioning Drills, Medicine Ball, Heavy Bag, Skipping and Shadowboxing.

AFTERNOONS: (Weather Permitting)

Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Tag, Frisbee, Football, Games and Activities at the nearby Park.

Age Groups & Schedule

Dates – Male and Female

Mon – Fri (1 week session each)
8:30am – 4:30pm

Costs – per week
Early bird special: $219 (HST included, over $50 savings)
Starting June 1st, 2017: $239.00/week (plus 13% HST = $270.07)
Payable by cheque, money order or PayPal (using the buttons above)

Whip Boxing Academy
HST Registration #: 846369163

The Whip Boxing Academy
178B Weber Street North
Waterloo, ON N2J 3H4


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