Fitz 'The Whip' was born in Trinidad and Tobago to John and Margaret Vanderpool - the middle child of 5 boys. After the family came to Canada in 1972, all of the boys trained as amateur boxers, but quit in 1984. However, watching the 1988 Olympics lit a fire under Fitz and he decided to shoot for the 1992 Olympics. He began training and fighting again, and chocked up 4 losses to the Canadian champion for 4 years in a row.

At the 1992 Olympic trials, Fitz was the only challenger to actually beat a champion - however he had to beat the champion twice in order to represent Canada. The next day he fought the champ and lost - he would not represent Canada at the 1992 Olympics. His dream shattered, he decided to turn professional. However, before he turned pro, Fitz fought and won the 1993 Canadian Amateur championship.

Fitz had high hopes becoming a world champion, and blazed quite a trail attaining his goal. Fitz 'The Whip' Vanderpool went on to win the:

Since retiring from professional boxing:

In 2009, Fitz co-wrote his book 'The Whip' with Sandra Cole. (produced by Waterloo Region law firm Morell Kelly) This inspirational book shows how anyone can chase their dream and succeed, even when the odds are stacked against you.

With Hope It's Possible!


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In case you've also heard of Fitz's brothers:

I came from a family of 5 boys who were all boxers. We all had success in the amateurs. My oldest brother Felix "The Cat", youngest Syd "The Jewel" and myself (Fitz "The Whip" as the middle child) all turned professional. * Shameless plug for the bro's. Felix was rated #3 in Canada and Syd went on to win the NABO title.
"Many are called; few are chosen!"

Syd "The Jewel" Vanderpool Fitz "The Whip" Vanderpool
Won the
  1. North American Boxing Organization title
Won the
  1. CPBF Canadian title
  2. WBF Intercontinental title
  3. WBC Fecarbox title
  4. WBF World title
  5. WBC Carribean title and
  6. National Boxing Authority middleweight title.